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Saanea Sprays, products that combines atmosphere and well-being.

Using Healthyscents technology and innovation, we have created a selection of fragrances to elevate your home environment - using fragrance to achieve a more positive emotional balance.

Saanea sprays are carefully crafted to quickly and simply set the mood for any space, with a fine atomiser spray and exclusive fragrance.

Available in 4 fragrances in a 100ml bottle Energy - Yoga - Relax - Dream

Saanea 室內香薰噴霧 - 提升生活氛圍及質素的產品。

使用 Healthyscents 創新技術﹐創造出一系列香味來提升您的家庭環境﹐實現正面的情緒平衡。

Saanea 噴霧的香氣經過精心調配﹐可快速簡單地為任何空間營造氛圍﹐霧化器噴霧讓 Saanea Spray 的獨特香味均勻散佈於整個空間。

100 毫升瓶裝
4 種香味選項

Energy 能量
Yoga 瑜伽
Relax 放鬆
Dream 甜夢

SAANEA 西班牙室內香薰噴霧
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